Flytographers is a global photographer’s community based in Canada! It is a price winning start up company which begun a few years ago and now it encompasses  over 100 photographers in all over the world! We found Flytographers while we were searching  ways to expand our work and so we applied! We were surprised when they accepted us because only 2% of the applicants could be accepted.Every year, Flytographers organize a global meeting in a different place where a lot of workshops and brainstorms took place and of course parties!

This year the meeting took place in Santorini! Of course we attended and we can say that it was one of the most amazing experiences we have ever lived! Photographers from all over the world gathered for a few days, exchanged opinions, took photos together, shared concerns, experiences, danced and laughed  a  lot!

We mustn’t skip the fact that the guest speaker in this year meeting was Fer Juaristy, one of the most recognized photographers globally!

 Belonging to Flytographers family makes us very happy! It was an awesome experience and we feel  very lucky! We look forward to our next year’s meet up.