You could call it love

Prewedding Shooting Istanbul

 Almost one month before their wedding Filiz and Roman invited us to Istanbul for their prewedding session! We stayed in their lovely house with their adorable pets and we had a really amazing weekend! We arrived on Friday morning and we started getting know the neighbourhood they live in and decided to begin the photosession one day earlier! We went to the Emirgan Park for a walk with them and of course their adorable dog Pepe! We loved the park and we were amazed of how big and beautiful it was! Roman and Filiz gave us a tour of the area as we were photoshooting them in natural pozes, playing with their dog and walking holding each other! 

The next day after the "warm up" we made the previous day, we started from Balat area in the traditional Jewish quarter in the Fatih district of Istanbul. With its many historical buildings such as the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate and its old  narrow streets Balat was a veritable studio for the photoshooting!

Leaving Balat and going to Gulhane kapali carsi was our next destination where we had a couple of shots before visiting Aya Sofia and Top kapi Palace!

The day was full of laughter,happy times, wonderful images and new experiences!

We are really grateful to you guys for this trip and we are looking forward for the big day! 


S & C