“From the Heart”


Brandon and Sandra decided to get married in Greece, so they came from the States with their friends and family, in the best  possible mood and it was sure that nothing could ruin it.

The bride’s and groom’s preparations took place in a hotel next to the beach. We had a very good cooperation both with the couple and the guests who were willing to do whatever we would ask them to.

The ceremony took place in front of the sea  filled with happiness and joy! During the small photo session, which took part  just after the ceremony, the weather started changing and got very windy and the sea started having waves which composed a very interesting photo scenery. We went back to the hotel for the wedding reception and just after a few minutes it started raining. We were amazed to see that nobody cared  about the rain! They kept dancing all night long! It was so impressive to observe how  they enjoyed their wedding!

Stathis Komninos
Christina Zachariadou


Thessaloniki, Greece

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