“Close to my heart”

Wedding in Chalkidiki

When we consider a summer wedding in Greece, the first thing that comes in our mind  is sun and sea.

These two elements dominate in Chalkidiki composing a magical scenery. This was the place that Vera & Bashar decided to get married, in a small church by the sea just before the golden sunset. Since the first time that we spoke with them via skype, we saw two very happy people, with intense temperament which we like a lot. The wedding day went according to the schedule, from the preparations we could see the joy and happiness! All guests were thrilled by the location of the church and the venue which was next to the church.

The reception was unique, different from what we have seen so far, with dances and songs from both countries, all night long!

Stathis Komninos
Christina Zachariadou


Thessaloniki, Greece

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