It’s the way we see the world!

We are wedding photographers specialized in StoryTelling!

We are obsessed of the magic of moment that helps us narrate your love story!

Photography has something magical!
It works as a communication channel between the past and the present in a way that helps you “relive” favorite moments!
This is the reason that the emotions are the main subject of  what we are photoshooting!
We create an authentic artistic documentary, a priceless inheritance for your children and grandkids!

Every picture has a story to tell and every picture is so unique that is only yours!


Happiness isn't something you experience
it is something you remember!


Ο Σταθης και η Χριστινα ειναι πραγματικα η καλυτερη επιλογη που μπορει να κανει ενα ζευγαρι! Επαγγελματιες που αγαπανε τη δουλεια τους, χαμογελαστοι κ ευγενικοι με ολους, μπορουν κ ψυχολογουν το καθε ζευγαρι, ωστε να προτεινουν το ειδος κ μερος της φωτογραφισης που του ταιριαζει. Μαζι τους νιωθει ανετα ο καθενας κ ετσι το αποτελεσμα ειναι υπεροχο. Ενθουσιαστηκαμε μαζι τους και απολαυσαμε τη φωτογραφιση μας! Παιδια, σας ευχαριστουμε μεσα απο την καρδια μας ❤️❤️❤️ Τα λεμε ξανα μολις κανουμε παιδακι κ το βαφτισουμε

Evi Tam.

Christina and Stathis are nothing short of PHENOMENAL!
My husband and I were recently married in Halikidiki, and didn’t know the area well. Christina and Stathis took a special trip to scope our venue out, so they knew where to shoot the day of the wedding. They literally made our wedding look like it was shot as an advertisement, because it was so beautiful. They were able to get such personal candid and posed shots that we’ll be able to remember our special day for the rest of our lives.
Sandra Webb

Christina and Stathis really made an unforgettable and amazing day for us. The whole day was about laugh, and being much closer to my partner. When Christina showed me the pictures which was uploaded on the website, it’s absolutely incredible. Can’t thank enough for them this opportunity.

Nóra Bede

Εξαιρετικοί φωτογράφοι και έπαγγελματιες,με πάθος και άγαπη για την δουλειά τούς! Ήταν δίπλα μας σε oτι χρειαστήκαμε έυγενικοι και παντα πρόθυμοι να ύλοποιησουν κάθε ίδεα μας! Ότι καλύτερο!
Χρήστος Ν.

Καταπληκτικοι επαγγελματιες!!! Ευγενικοι και με εμπνευση!!! Καταπληκτικο αποτελεσμα!!! Τους ευχαριστω πολυ για ολα!!!
Dora Em.

Stathis Komninos
Christina Zachariadou


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Thessaloniki, Greece

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